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Jumat, 16 Desember 2016

How to Get A+++ (Study Hacks, Tips and Tricks)

There are so many questions about how to get A. But I said them back,
"if you just get A in every subject, you just get a number."
By Nafs
It just numerical/alphabetical point based from your knowledge or theoretical. Yes, maybe it will be your investment. But please, would you want to wait till you graduate to get the result? Nope. You have to get A++++. Your grade upper than before. Even though you ain't got the real "A" but you can get more meaningful grade instead you get stuck when you don't get the effect from A grade.
Here's my tips :
  1. Make Strategic Question Based from Reality
I almost give my lecture case question. Because if you just ask theoretical, make sure you are really don't understand. But if you have understand enough, please read the theory before you go study, so you understand what will you learn. If you understand , you can pick real case from majority circumstance. Then, you can imagine how a theory applicated and more understanding about the issue. So, you will learn more meaningful than you just memorize the memory to get high score.
2. Bring Your Knowledge Everywhere
Confuse? Is the knowledge the things you can bring everywhere? LoL, but yes. When you're in organization, try to applicate your knowledge theory and solve them. You certainly understand and can equal between theory and practice. You can try this if you want to train yourself as professional. Thus, when you get inside social environment. Don't talk like you are teacher or you are the best. But you can give them opinion based your perspective. So, you'll get A+++
3. Get Your Lecture Linkage
It isn't for your reputation. It will be worse reason. But make sure that you get lecture linkage to get more perspective of your study. Believe or not, I almost do some conversation with all lectures (almost all). And do you know what? I compete with them in research conference as individual. Beside you get your mentor, you can get your professional friends like lecture. So, you would know about lecture and student perspective.
4. Write More and Read More
Absolutely. How to get best score without learn anything? In my study life, I always read some literature and write it down, just a highlight likewise when you study in the class. You have to write the topic down. So, beside you strive with your score, you also get A+++ or meaningful study.
5. Learning from Success Person
Don't let your heart fly up high. Down to earth, learn more from success prson. So, you will know what's important the knowledge is.
6. Try Your Theory on Competition
Yes ! This is really me and maybe you, too. Do you know what? I also test my theoretical studies to the competition. So I will get the correction from judging valuation. If you get more critical, you can learn where's the failure is. But if you get awards or honors, you can learn how to develop it. It sounds fun, right?
Here's my tricks :
  1. Your Brain Need Refreshing, too !
Get out from your dorm. Doing something fun outside your dorm. So you don't get stressful. Yeaaah.
2. Take Interesting Book
I also take most viewed author. It more convince that I read randomly. So, if you get the best author, you can follow their mind and you'll be read fun.
Don't keep your knowledge by yourself. Share it! Please, it's not hard, train your heart. Share it! Because sharing means caring.
4. Keep Pray
Get A+++ wouldn't reach without God hands. So, keep pray and always positive.
Thank you for reading, hope you like it :) see my unique post on instagram