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Kamis, 15 Desember 2016

6 Powerful Reasons Why You Should be Young Leader

By Nafs


I have experienced so many activity in my whole life. It has been starting since 2007. I have joined Pramuka, OSIS, Journalism, Pers, Pustakawan, Social Community, Technology Community, Broadcasting and now I have been joining at Indonesia Bisa movement.
Most of activities had chosen me as a leader. I wasn't exciting enough, because I didn't know anything about leader role. Even though I often doing everything without care about what's really leader task. But, after I walked around the organization life, understanding what the worse in me and stepped more. I knew that there is powerful reason why you have to be the great young leader.

1. Push Your Creativity

Have you ever heard about this sentence :Thinking Out of The Box? The meaning is think unique or creative. But, I thought that Thinking Out of The Box is about think everything around us, too. It means that we don't have to stuck in one perspective, we need to explore more-and get another insight.
When you are a leader, you have to be someone creative. You have to respect anything around you, profoundly your team. You have to know everything around you, either find out from literature or people respond. So, you will get more perspective for the best idea. Then, you just think how to implement that with your creativity. If you can do this, your team become interactive and always think out of the box. As a leader, you can drive someone else to be creative. So, you have to be creative. Push your creativity!

2. Talk Active

Maybe there are so many kind of leaders in this world. But calm leader even talk when they need to talk. If you are leader, you train yourself confidence to talk active, either it just decision or opinion. You have to create interaction between you and your team. Because you cant catch their idea without communication. The important things is start talking. So, this is powerful reason, you'll be talk active person and it's great reason!

3. More Wiser than Before

Yes ! When you've got so many complains or many opinions, you have to choose one and decide something. It would be affect your future goal team. You have to be wiser than before. You have to accept everything and give them best solution. You can make more plans and choose the priority. So, if you'll be young leader, you will be wise person. It sounds good?

5. Train to be Professional

When we were young, we almost waste our time to explore anything include traveling and enjoy the young life. But if you're leader in young age, you can train yourself to be professional. It makes you ready to face the world after studies. Believe me, it really affects you!

6. Connecting The Dots

Super excited with this reason! Why? Because when you're leader, you have to connect with other people, although they are your team. But you make your network, you connecting the dots, you know different people at once. So, lucky on you if you can connect people in young age.
Those all powerful reason why you should be young leader. Hope you like it. Are you ready ? You are Indonesian Future Leader!

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