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Selasa, 13 Desember 2016

Being Multitasking is a Good Risk (Eng)

By Nafs
As youth, we always explore anything around us. We examine something new and take ridiculous method to create it. We're always want to know everything and everything. Although you don't have many time to solve several problems at once.
But, it depends on you. I'm multitasker and I'm doing just fine. I remember the sentence from person I didn't know who, that being multitasking will distract your schedule. But you are totally wrong. If you want to take plenty tasks, you have to know about the risk will you take. Here's my tips I have ever applicated them :
  1. Make Priority
If you looking for some opportunities, you don't take it all. You should be wiser to take a chance. I'm always take opportunity line with my majority. It becomes my first priority to applicate my knowledge. Then, I will take the opportuny which I interested by. So, you have to eliminate some opportunities and focus with the priority. You can arrange them with numerical note before you schedule it up.
2. Make Sure You're Passionate with The Task
This is important to do because if we ain't passionate enough with the task, you totally work like a robot. Just solve the case and take a new one. But if you have passion, you will make everything is meaningful. Because you do anything with your heart and joy.
3. The task is not like "things you have to solve" but it becomes "things you have to share"
Yes ! I like it. Most of all think that task is like your job description. But to be honest, task in my opinion is like obigiation as human being. Believe or not, I have principle that the more you get the knowledge the more you have to share it. Because knowledge is everlasting. When I got my new task, I'm always sharing with people and applicate the solution in another activity. That's the real me.
4. Don't afraid you can't handle it !
When I took some tasks, convinced what I'm gonna do, I look forward if I didn't take the duty. I just believe that people need my hand. If you take the task means you are ready for any risks come to you. And people who hire you believe that you capable to solve the task. So, don't be afraid!
5. Stay Away with Negative Thinking
I ever talked with executive and got one insight. He asked "how much you have the time? Do you have 26 hours?". I just smiled and answer as can as possible. Maybe if you are underestimate this, you always judge that everyone don't know about you. Yeah, it's tru everyone don't know about you. But please, when people look at you in another perspective, please take it easy. You wouldn't know who they become to be. Be Positive!

6. Hold Thight Your Principle
My principle is how to inspire, make a movement and create something. My another principle is how to equal between knowledge, experience and Islamic Value. So, if you have the principle,hold thight ! I mean write it down in your mind and heart. Profoundly principle is the core goal of your life. So, whatare you waitin' for? this is my video about principle :
Ok! It's done. So, don't you want to be multitasker, too?

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